6 Amazing Reasons for an Australian School to Head Overseas on a Sports Tour


Getting the best from students and offering the right environment and facilities for them to learn is a task that all educational establishments face across Australia. Sourcing the best teachers is obviously an advantage, if a challenge, but also giving them tools to carry out their roles helps in a big way.

Students learn more if they are also engaged. Even more so if they get enjoyment while taking in information that can be used in their studies and everyday lives as they prepare for adulthood. An amazing way for them to learn and have fun is when a school arranges for a group to head away on one of the best available Australian sporting tours, for the following 6 reasons.

  1. Playing sport is fun and provides those competing with many great life skills. It creates competition and learning how to enjoy success appropriately while dealing with disappointment in defeat, both invaluable life skills, with adapting to being a valuable member of a team another, along with helping others on your side. Doing all of this away from everyday surroundings has an even greater impact.
  2. What greater way to learn new skills and develop an ability than somewhere that students dream of visiting, be it an exotic location such as Sri Lanka, Malaysia, or Japan, or maybe the more traditional rival nations of the sports field like the UK, South Africa, or the UK. All these destinations offer amazing experiences and will allow students to learn about cultures and different histories connected to the location, allowing for education at the same time.
  3. It’s one thing a school agrees to embark on such an adventure, but it needs arranging. There is no need to worry when a company with decades of experience is waiting to do all the work so that the travellers only need to concentrate on packing their bags and get excited about what will follow.
  4. Fixtures against schools of similar abilities will be arranged carefully by an experienced team who will understand any needs that are requested. The games will allow each student to test themselves outside their normal comfort zones to encourage development and create unique experiences that will last with them for the rest of their lives.
  5. Elite athletes in individual sports will be on hand to offer support and training, with excellent tips on how to deal with local conditions and different attitudes so that the young Aussies can improve while competing and hopefully take home the spoils. It’s a wonderful way for any tourist to grow physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  6. Travelling as a team will create bonding and learning how to deal collectively with situations, while friendships that can last a lifetime will be created, among themselves and with opponents, which can offer further opportunities for revisits or to reciprocate.


Taking an Australian school on an overseas sports tour is an amazing way to encourage the learning of invaluable life skills while having fun and improving in their chosen game.