Portable Document Format (PDF) makes it easier to present multiple documents in a single file. It has made reading and forwarding documents simple and secure. These documents are easily downloadable and can be comfortably viewed on your desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phone. However, there are times when you need to add a page in between of a file. It becomes cumbersome to refollow the entire process and save the file multiple time. But not anymore, with software available you can easily add pages to your pdf files.

Pages can be added for multiple reasons, for example, to add a thank you note, to add a form or a chart and many more things. Type of page depends on the need of document and the purpose. With multiple software available online, people tend to confuse as which on to choose, but all software do not provide complete features on their free or trail version for adding pages to pdf. They give you a glimpse of the features and ask you to go for a purchased version. Actually, it is strongly recommended to use a paid version of any software as to use all the features completely. One of such software with all features and uses is Movavi PDF Editor.

All the software to add pages to pdf come with acute canons of attachments which help to edit any pdf and customize its pages according to the need of purpose. Although, these tools to add pages to pdf have multiple options still they are user friendly. One does not need to be pro in computers to use this software. These tools can also be easily used by keyboard shortcuts. This give the user the liberty to save his time. It is definite that to use the keyboard shortcuts properly with speed and accuracy you will need practice. Allow yourself time and editing regularly to get pro in using the shortcuts.

Further to the usage of software, you can also, delete pages from your file. It is easy to reframe the chronology by shuffling the place of pages. It all is done with few clicks. All you have to do is to be specific with page selection and addition. Adding one page and appending the whole file have different set of commands those need to be executed as per the need of modifications. Now these modified files can be saved in two formats i.e. it can be replaced with the exiting file and the existing file will be overdrawn by the new modified file. Secondly, you can click on the file tab and select ‘save as’ and define location on your device and save the modified file as new PDF.  Above all we suggest you to use purchased version of the software so that you can avail all the benefits to add pages to pdf, using all the tools without any hassles. Thank you for reading this article we will soon be back with some more insight on PDF editor and its new features. Till then happy reading!