Career Advice – Would You Like To Be Boss?


Let me here. Am I Held missing something?

I have just see the reports from two national opinion surveys concerning employees’ attitude toward their bosses. The final results surprised me. Concurrently, I see very good news for ambitious men and women who have an interest in achieving career success.

Research conducted with the Business School at William and Mary College shown that simply 21 percent mentioned they would like to obtain bosses’ job 66 percent gave a convincing “no” for the question thirteen percent were undecided.

Another survey, that certain by OfficeTeam, a staffing service firm, found an impressive 71 percent stated that they’d prefer to not make helm.

Creates this change imply over two-thirds in the work pressure shouldn’t accept elevated responsibility? Do that many not require the rewards which are with greater responsibilities?

Career Tip: These results fly when faced with everything else I have acquainted with my extended and varied career used in organizations of several sizes and purposes, both private and public. Maybe I have overestimated the quantity of ambition within the arena of work.

Three Information On Existence

Inside my career I have learned these 3 information regarding career success:

1. Organizations cannot exist and thrive for very extended without any hierarchy of bosses. We humans need structure inside our endeavors and structure can’t exist without bosses.

2. Bosses have the rewards. The higher for an advaced status, the greater potent the rewards: bigger paychecks, company cars, the corner offices, the perks of power as well as the prestige.

3. Rewards visit those who achieve to possess them. Those who become bosses accomplish this since they recognize and do something about this reality.

I haven’t seen a business where these records didn’t apply.

Career Tip: This Can Be Very Good News

How come In my opinion there’s very good news throughout this? Since I Have see options being created for those who are ready to use the rewards which are with responsibility and position.

I realize there’s numerous very vibrant, ambitious and energetic men and women who begin working everyday, striving to achieve success and become boss. The street from day one at the office for the corner office is tough. But the way readily available for individuals who’ve the required steps to really make the trip. Meaning Chance getting a capital O.

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