Finding Suitable Schools In Bangkok For All Your Children


When you have multiple children of different ages and move to Bangkok, you will need to search around to find suitable schools for them. Ideally, you will send all your children to the same school, but this is not always possible, so you will need to do plenty of research to find suitable schooling for them. Below are some tips for finding decent schools for all your children so they can receive an excellent education while living in Bangkok.

Pre-School & Kindergarten

When you search for an early year’s school, Bangkok has plenty of options available, and some of the more prominent international schools may offer education for this age group. You will want to ensure that the school you select to send your child to is not too far from where you live so you can reduce their daily commute. Travelling around Bangkok can be challenging, and it seems like the city has a constant traffic jam, so choose a school close to you or close to public transport networks to ease the commute for your children.

Upper Schools

It is much easier to find a suitable school for all your children when they are older. There is also a significant benefit when sending all your children to the same school as you will often receive a discount. You will need to do plenty of research to find a suitable school for them all, and you have some factors you will need to consider, which include:

  • The Tuition Fees – The fees that schools charge can vary drastically, so you will need to work out your budget for each child’s education.
  • The Curriculum – There are many different curriculums available in Bangkok, so you will need to decide which one will be best for your children when looking at schools.
  • The Location – As with younger children, ideally, you will find a close school to where you live to make the daily commute easier. However, this is not always possible, so look for schools that you can access with ease using the BTS and MRT transport networks to make the commute easier.
  • The Facilities – You will also want to select a school with modern facilities, and everything required to give your children a balanced and healthy education.

Ensure that you do plenty of research before selecting the schools and arrange a visit to see what the facilities are like that are on offer. Take your children with you and let them help decide which school is best, which will help them get excited about starting their new school. With a bit of research and some digging around, you can find the perfect schools for your children and ensure they receive the best education possible.