How to choose good colleges in UAE with foreign collaboration


If you are planning to study in the UAE and are planning to choose the right colleges in UAE, you are taking the right decision. However, with so many local and foreign colleges available in the country, making the right choice could often be a problem. This is all the more a challenge when you are looking for college from countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA and the United Kingdome. Whether it is choosing the best engineering colleges in UAE or medical colleges with foreign collaboration, especially from countries like Australia, proper research is the need of the hour. Hence, we are happy to list down the most important points to bear in mind when it comes to choosing a good college or university in the UAE.

Accreditation and Tie Up 

This is perhaps one of the most important point to keep in mind when it comes to choosing a college in the UAE. While there are many local colleges that are quite good, many students would like to be associated or study in colleges that have tie ups or are directly having branches in UAE. Hence, before choosing any college in the UAE, please make sure that you have a close look at their accreditations and the ranking that they have. There are some independent sites that offer these information and you must go through the same before you decide to choose the colleges or schools.

Campus Size, Location and facilities 

If you are planning to stay in the UAE and study, make sure that the location of the university is convenient. It must provide you with the right transport and the timings of the college must be comfortable and convenient. Dubai has some excellent colleges located in some prime localities like Knowledge Village and the famous Dubai International Academic City. It would be better to visit the universities personally and understand more about the location and the facilities/infrastructure that they offer.


Make sure that the university is located in the same emirates where you are located. Otherwise you could end up choosing a university that could be located hundreds of miles away from your place of stay. Things certainly would become problematic in such situations. The universities should be able to provide decent accommodation if it is situated from the main areas of the country. Further, understand more about the visa processing, the time taken, and the validity of the visa, the cost and other such things.

How old is the University? 

Always look for universities that have been around for a long period of time. This applies more to local universities. New universities with foreign collaboration from Australia and other countries could have been around only for a few years. It should not be a problem as long as you are sure about its credentials and are able to make sure that they have the right collaboration with some good universities, colleges and schools in Australia and many other countries.

Hence, identifying the right university in the UAE is all about being able to understand the basics and ensuring that you do the right research.