Is Tuition Truly Effective For Your Child’s Learning?


As parents, it is normal to question how effective tuition is for your child. While it is widely accepted that the additional resources given to a student would help to boost academic performance, however the side effects or drawbacks associated with tuition has cast some doubts on the service. For example, parents do worry if it locks their child in too much academic activities, thus impairing their growth in other areas. However, it is of our opinion that to take such a view would be a discredit to the full potential that tutors offer. In this article, we aim to bring you through the many benefits that private tutoring offers beyond that of surface level improvement in academic results.

Firstly, confidence is rarely linked to academic performance but it actually plays a substantial role. It is one thing to have knowledge of a topic, and another to be confident in it. Having confidence prior to a test enables individuals to perform at their best as they experience less doubt when attempting questions. Moreover, it is an effective measure against stress and anxiety, two common negative emotions that students face during exams. Private tutoring helps to build confidence as tutors are able to craft specific questions that test a student’s true understanding of a topic. As such, your child learns more than to replicate answering techniques, allowing them to answer tricky variations or application questions.

Secondly, constant and personal feedback allows for both satisfaction and fine-tuning of subject knowledge. To be frank, teachers have a rough time catering to the needs of a whole class of students. It is difficult for them to craft personal feedback and be able to express it to an individual student. In contrast, when you employ a private tutor, their sole responsibility is that of your child. As such, they should be able to give effective feedback for your child that can be acted upon immediately. Additionally, any gaps in knowledge that your child has can be brought up to the tutor with no pressure. Unlike in a class setting, students generally feel more comfortable clarifying doubts in private settings. As such, knowledge of topics can be polished up.

Finally, each child has their own learning style. For example, some prefer to learn the theory first before applying it while others learn faster when posed with questions of increasing difficulty. Private tutors can cater to such needs as they are only concerned with the individual instead of a class of twenty to forty students. It is also worth noting that the supply of private tuition has lead to highly affordable private tutoring rates. Based on your child’s needs, you could choose from professionals to part-timers to current students.