Powerful ways to prepare for IIT JEE Mains 2022


The pandemic has led to a huge disruption in the education sector leaving thousands of aspirants adrift and directionless. IIT JEE Mains is one of the toughest and the most popular exams in the nation. Students have been in a state of disarray since the authorities took unprecedented steps to ensure the safety of students and conduct tests at the same time. It is difficult for engineering aspirants to adapt to the new mode of learning, i.e. online learning, and keep up with their syllabus amidst the chaos caused by uncertainty. Here are some tips that can help you big-time preparing for top education institutions like IIT.

Make a plan- As the exams are nearing, you might be experiencing stress and anxiety. The good news is that you can reduce exam stress in a variety of ways. Knowing how much you have accomplished and how far you need to go, and planning accordingly, may help significantly. This will enable you to make your daily routine cover the topics that are important first and the lesser important topics later. Planning is the first step for any test prep.

Clearing backlogs- How do I clear backlog from 11th std is the most asked question from class 12th students? There are two great ways of clearing the missed topics from last year. One is assigning the day when you don’t have any classes to solely studying last year’s topics. This way you can do your catching up for your exam prep at one go. The other option is to do a little every day. Another way is to set aside a couple of hours to handle your backlog. Select topics that are relevant for JEE Mains as well as those that are building your 12th syllabus. Instead of trying to cover everything on the syllabus, curate those first.

Sample papers- If you want to get rid of exam jitters, you might want to solve sample papers every week. Irrespective of how far along you are in your preparations, solving sample papers will help you gain confidence and encourage you to do better. Timing yourself will also allow you to become aware of what is expected from you.

Test Format- Prepare at least one of your homework assignments in test format. As a result, you will become better at solving papers and will speed up your pace. You ca

n solve Mathematics questions within 30 minutes and then do physics the next day.

Staying one step ahead is an excellent way to prepare for advanced exams. So, even if you are only planning to take Mains exams, you can try to study for advanced stages as well. This is a great exam hack as it prepares you for the worst circumstances. This will enhance your confidence, elevate your knowledge and inspire you to become better every day.

Exam preparation is always a daunting task and everyone has their unique way that works for them. You can use these tips has the potential to powerfully impact your IIT JEE Mains entrance preparations.