Reasons Why Students Need Technology in the Classroom


Today, the mindset of learners is different from those that our educational system was designed for. Now, classrooms are remodelled to fit the evolving needs of the modern student. Many educational institutions have replaced traditional resources with educational technologies in an attempt to keep up with the digital learning population. Let us look at a few reasons why students need technology in classrooms and how it impacts engagement.

  • Encourages collaboration

Many tools such as Skype and google drive promote collaboration. Using skype students can hold virtual meetings with classmates from any part of the world. With Google Drive, students can now share and edit projects in real time with their classmates.

  • Information can be accessed easily

Search engines and e-books are replacing traditional textbooks. For example, using the search phrase “What is reflection of light?” on google presents you with various concise information on the topic and interactive videos that help you understand concepts better.

  • Adds a fun factor to learning

Technology makes learning more fun and interesting. Game-based learning allows teachers to lectures via interactive games. Now, who doesn’t enjoy playing games?

  • Prepares students for the real world

To thrive in a 21st-century workforce, students need to have more than the working knowledge of certain tools such as the electronic whiteboards, electronic calendars and teleconferencing. By integrating these technologies into the curriculum, educational institutions are preparing their students for the digitally driven modern workforce.

  • Helps students connect to the real world

Technology removes the physical barriers of the classrooms and offers students a way to connect the curriculum with the real world. Now, a geology professor can take students for a virtual tour to the grand canyon and a history teacher can walk his students through the corridors and halls of the white house.

Technology changes by the minute, and as educators, it is a must to keep up with the times to best prepare students for the ever-changing world that we live in. To know how technology can make learning more efficient, subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channel and learn different science concepts such as single slit diffraction more effectively from the engaging video lessons.