The Difference between ManyChat and Chatfuel


Before we start explaining the difference between these two instant messengers, it is vital to understand the importance of chatbots for improving your business.

You should know that bots are essential for boosting the efficiency of your customer service. At the same time, you can also sell services and products, and increase the overall reach.

You just have to search for the best place to build a messenger bot, and you will come across either ManyChat or Chatfuel. Therefore, if you wish to understand the importance of chatbot platforms as well as chatbots, you should stay with us for more information.

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We can differentiate numerous reasons why you would need a bot for your business purposes. Generally, you do not have to learn how to code to do it because you can use the building platform that will use a standard drag-and-drop principle.

It seems incredible, but you do not require an MIT degree or technical knowledge to become a bot builder. However, you can use one of these two builders to create operational messenger chatbot for your particular requirements.

You should choose based on your preferences. Therefore, we wish to compare the best bot building platforms when it comes to features and simplicity so that you can determine which one is the best for your needs.

General Comparison


  • ManyChat – This is another prominent bot-building platform that entered the market back in 2015. It is mostly used for Facebook Messengers, but you will have additional features when it comes to automation and marketing.
  • Chatfuel – We have to start by saying that Chatfuel is the simple to use and convenient bot-building platform that began with Telegram bots. However, today, they are perfect for building chatbots that you will implement on Facebook Messenger.

User Interface

  • ManyChat – You will be able to choose two different interfaces with ManyChat for building the bot flow. As soon as you decide to use the primary flow builder, you will be able to do it by using the cards and blocks, which is an interesting perspective. It means that for each question, you will have a proper answer based on the template. It is challenging for novice builders to understand the interface, which is why you should get familiar with it. On the other hand, you can also use the drag-and-drop interface and editor, which is perfect for beginners. Finally, you will be able to visualize the entire flow by using a single screen.
  • Chatfuel – When compared with ManyChat, you should know that this particular bot-building platform features a user-friendly interface and amazing UX. If you wish to build flow, you will be able to use blocks and cards as well as the concept of groups along the way. The cards tend to feature the proper bot messages that include video, gallery, and text. Keep in mind that the block features a collection of cards while the group is a collection of blocks. You will be able to enjoy unique UX, which will make you the process highly convenient and straightforward when compared with other potential choices.

Growth Tools

  • ManyChat – You can rest assured because the ManyChat introduced Overlay and Modal Widgets as well as the Landing Page. Therefore, you will be able to grow your messenger list with ease. As soon as you add these tools, you should embed it on your website, and you will get useful ability to communicate with subscribers and potential customers. The process of customization depends on your preferences, and you can choose the background, button type, description colors, and headline. The advanced feature includes the auto-reply method after the comment, which will send the particular template each time someone comments your post on Facebook. The simplest way to learn how to integrate ManyChat with FB ads is by visiting this link: for more information.
  • Chatfuel – In the last few months, Chatfuel improved significantly when it comes to growth abilities. You will get three different methods so that you can reach the customers with ease. The first and most crucial solution includes the comment auto reply method so that you can initiate a conversation with each user that comments your post. The other things include Messenger and FB ad destinations so that you can reach a wide scale of people. Finally, you can create the landing page on this particular platform so that you can bring people towards the bot.


  • ManyChat – You can send the shows into three different categories, including subscription broadcast, promotional broadcast, and follow-up broadcast. When it comes to subscription broadcast, you will be able to deliver non-commercial content to subscribers the moment you wish to do it. The promotional show will give you the possibility to send commercial messages to active subscribers. Finally, you can choose a follow-up broadcast to send one day after Promotional Broadcast as a reminder.

Understand the difference between ManyChat vs. Chatfuel, so that you can determine the best platform for your particular requirements.

  • Chatfuel – This particular type of broadcast will give you the possibility to send broadcasts after a delay or instantly. You just have to make sure to avoid promotional content, or else you will are banned. At the same time, try to get users to allow broadcasting so that you can improve the conversion rate.