Trending job opportunities after completing B. Tech in Computer Science


With advancing technology and increasing importance for computer science, it is no surprise that the subject is one of the most famous branches in B. Tech. However, after the successful completion of studies, what are the job opportunities available that include career growth and advancement?

Let us look at some of the trending career options for students of B. Tech Computer Science.

  • Software Developer

Software developers should possess technical creativity and should have knowledge of computer languages for coding and programming. B. Tech in CS provides them with the required knowledge to become a successful software developer.

  • Computer Network Architect

Designing, implementing, and maintaining a network and data communication system is the main responsibility of a computer network architect. Testing and analytical skills are a must for professionals to carve a path for themselves in this specialization.

  • Computer And Information Systems Manager

Known as CIS manager, the professional has to handle all the computer-related activities in a company. The technological strategy is a part of the job description.

  • Information Security Analyst

The job of an information security analyst is to keep the websites and network safe from hacking and phishing attacks at all times. The professionals need to constantly research the latest trends in cyber security and stay one-step ahead of the hackers. The ability to identify and solve problems, find the root cause and source of any attempted cyber attacks, are necessary.

  • Web Developer

Computer Science is one of the best engineering courses. It gives students an opportunity to get into any of the various IT jobs that are available. Web Developer is one such job that is seeing increasing demand. It is also one of the most interesting jobs where a person gets to be creative and innovative. Creating a unique website by designing stylish layouts, user-friendly navigation, attention-grabbing features, etc. will ensure great career success for the professional.

  • Computer Hardware Engineer

As the title suggests, the role of a computer hardware engineer is to develop, design, and test the different hardware components of a computer such as memory devices, routers, and circuit boards. The professionals need to balance between creativity and technical expertise. Professionals who love to learn and upgrade their skills and knowledge have a better chance of reaching heights as a computer hardware engineer.

  • Online Marketer

If going a different way appeals to the students, becoming an online marketer might just be the thing. SEO, social media marketing, content creation and development, and many such specializations come under this head.

  • Professors

Teaching has always been a noble profession. If a person has in-depth knowledge along with the zeal to impart their knowledge to others, becoming a professor in computer science is a lucrative career option.

Start a firm to offer technical support or get into marketing and sales. It is important for students to know which option suits them the best.