Canada is increasingly becoming one of the most popular choices for higher education for international students with large students preferring the globally recognized institutes. If you have decided to study abroad then there are a lot of hurdles that you might potentially face, most of them are in terms of expenses. Following are some tips for the international students who have been living in York University Housing to help reduce expenditure.

What is life like for the international students in Toronto?

A multicultural city, Toronto is home to over 100 distinctive ethnic groups. As you will be moving to a whole new environment, the shift can get a bit overwhelming. So there are certain things that you should keep in. Being a multi-ethnic city, you will come across people speaking various languages like Italian, French, Punjabi, Cantonese, Tamil, Portuguese and Spanish but English is the primary language which is used by most people.

With a large number of immigrants, the city is the worlds 13th best city to study for international students. High quality of education, comfortable living and affordable rates also add to it. The effortless blending of different cultures creates a warm and welcoming environment for the students. A lot of the students who move to Toronto are experiencing the city’s lifestyle for the first time. While shifting it is important to consider the weather conditions. Though the weather is mostly pleasant during the winters it can drop to -8 Celcius.

Cost of living

  1. Housing: Various websites have listings with details about the house, rent and location like craigslist, Kijiji. The rent could vary from $500-$4000 per month, depending on the house. Sharing the house with friends is a great idea as it can bring down the amount you spend on accommodation. It is always better to pick a house which is closer to the school. Even though public transport is affordable but staying closer to school is always more convenient. Whenever you are planning to rent a house, try to take a friend along with you to see it, do not give out any personal information or bank details. Always trust your gut.
  2. Transportation: Public transport helps to cut cost. The great connectivity of public transport helps you to travel within the city with ease. You could get yourself a Presto card, which is an electronic payment system that works across all local transport facilities in Toronto. You can now travel without any tickets, tokens or cash. It also has a mobile app.
  3. Food: Cost of food is dependent upon the needs of the person, it could vary from $40 – $100 a week. This estimation could increase depending upon how often you spend on take-outs and coffee shops.
  4. Health insurance: Having health insurance can help to reduce expenditure. International student health insurance ranges from $600-$900