Why Brooke Grove Elementary School?


Brooke Grove Elementary School is one of the creative programs of the MCCA (Montgomery Child Care Association). It is geared towards helping kids before and after school hours to sharpen their creative skills, have fun, and enjoy peer-to-peer interaction outside the four walls of the school. This program deserves a lot of recognition because even though kids must enjoy some time out of school, not many people consider this. It gets even better when you realize that it is one of the projects of a non-profit organization who have seen the need for this and decided to take action. Here are four reasons why you should enroll your kid in Brooke Grove:

●     Your Kid Will Love It!

Yes, you can be sure of this. Brooke Grove Elementary, a daycare in Olney MD, gives your kid a chance to explore many extra-curricular activities, all under the supervision of devoted staff members. They also interact and exchange ideas with their peers outside of the school environment. While they have fun with these activities, including sports, exercise, and arts & crafts, they are also served a variety of nutritious snacks to keep them going. Through these activities, your child may discover what they are passionate or are not passionate about. It’s a win either way.

●     Between 2 and 12 Years Old? You’re Good to Go!

Brooke Grove Elementary School is for any child of the required age, between two and twelve years old.  So long as your child is of school or preschool age in Brooke Grove, then you can enroll them in this program. There are different types of programs, including preschool-age programs and school-age programs. The preschool age program is for children between two and five years of age, while the school age is from five to twelve.

●     Before or After School, It is Up To You!

You can take your child to this program before a new school day or after. The school is open on Mondays through Fridays between 7:00 am & 9:00 am and 3:00 pm & 6:00 pm. These options are to make things easier for you to fit into your schedule. If you can’t spare time in the morning, maybe you can find some to spare in the evening. You never have to worry about leaving your child, as the environment is safe, and the staff is watchful and caring. It is very much a home away from home.

●     You’ll Love It for Your Kid Too!

We already mentioned just how much your child would enjoy their time here, but what does it spell for you as the parent? While your kid enjoys their time, you may see quite an improvement in some of their daily activities. Spending time with their peers may improve their social skills while engaging in extracurricular activities will likely boost their creativity. In addition, you get some alone time apart from your kid’s time in school. This sounds very much like a win-win situation.

Go ahead and register your kid at Brooke Grove Elementary School; that’s a decision you won’t regret.